ClickFunnels versus LeadPages — Which One Should You Choose to Sell Your Products and Services?

Trying to get your message out there to your market can be frustrating sometimes if you don’t know the right tools to use. When you search for “landing page” creators or “how to sell my product online”, there are millions of reviews and you don’t know who or what to trust.

After building my 700+ sales funnel to date, I am here to set the record straight on the two (maybe three) options you have that is the right choice for your business.

To make a proper decision on which solution works best for you, let's work completely backwards here to arrive at the perfect fit for you.

For example, depending on what you WANT to do WILL present a different outcome for you. So let’s get started with some basic questions:

  1. Do you want to start a membership site and sell your products through a membership portal where people login & access their digital products online?
  2. Do you want to sell a physical product or a low cost info-product with a few up-sells? There's a easy solution for this at the bottom of this page.
  3. Do you want to blog and start a tribe of your own?
  4. Do you want a capture page system that will allow you to capture leads, follow-up with leads, and create duplication for your signups?
  5. Do you want to capture additional affiliate commissions? (or maybe just focus on affiliate marketing)
  6. Do you want to sell your coaching or training? (authors, speakers, trainers)
  7. Do you want to create a 7 Figure Product Launch of your own? I'll even give you a link to turn this on by the end of this article.

All these questions present DIFFERENT solutions, and I’ll let you know WHICH solution is best for EACH problem.

There are three main contenders who provide the best solution for capturing your visitors information, converting them into buyers & following up with additional upsells and offers.

The best choices for you are between Click Funnels, Lead Pages, and Optimize Press. All three are really great custom “sales” builders with one very clear winner.

Let's compare which works best for you starting with Optimize Press. They win the first round.

The Best Solution for Membership Sites is NOT ClickFunnels or Lead Pages

For membership sites, you need a straight-up WordPress hosted site with a membership plugin / management that will allow you to lock the content, drip the content, and create up-sells within the membership area. Right now, I recommend a simple WordPress theme (maybe Optimize-press as the sales pages & member-mouse or Digital Access Pass as the WordPress Member Plugin). If you need more information on how this works, comment & I’ll be happy to do a complete walk through. It’s easier than you think. THIS IS THE THIRD OPTION that I had mentioned.

I say this first because I know ClickFunnels is watching, reading every recommendation & since they are fast at implementation, the membership portal will be included in the next upgrade.

Thank you, ClickFunnels team!

Now, this is where OptimizePress gets knocked out in Round 1.

For everything else from sales funnels to capture pages to selling info-products, books, and coaching, it’s between Click Funnels and Lead-pages. Let me share with you right now — I recommend and have switched to Click Funnels 3.0.

The Difference Between Lead Pages and Click Funnels

Lead Pages is great for capturing leads & following up with your leads. They have a built-in email blast when your first visitor opts in, the first email message has virtually a 100% chance of getting through. That means that whoever opts in to YOUR landing page, Lead Pages allows you to send the first message to your lead. That almost guarantees that you can get your email whitelisted, increase engagement, and direct your lead to the download page, the sales video, or the membership area with JUST this ONE guaranteed email.

Conversions should be through the roof depending on how you use your first email!


Click Funnels allows you to build COMPLETE sales funnels you can drive leads to & convert them into buyers. They have an easy to understand visual of the funnel itself and each page is easy to connect & direct visitors thorough the funnel. Right?

While Click Funnels can do everything that Lead Pages can do above, they take it one step further for complete funnel buildout. Point Click Funnels.


Click Funnels integrates easily with all your autoresponders and well, so does Lead Pages. No points given and no points deducted.

However, Click Funnels integrates with most payment processors while Lead Pages do not. Click Funnels 2 to 0.

In the beginning, Lead Pages was very easy to understand. You try to fit your message within their templates. Click Funnels took it one step further.

ClickFunnels allowed you to EDIT / ADD sections and titles and bullets and graphics and well, just about anything you wanted. The only problem was that Click Funnels seemed to be a bit buggy in the beginning — point for Lead Pages.

However, since the release of Click Funnels 3.0, it’s not buggy and quite frankly is the easiest, most user-friendly platform I have ever seen in 14 years. Point Click Funnels — Minus a point for Lead Pages.

Click Funnels 3 to 0.

Now, here’s where Lead Pages drops completely off the map and is knocked out of the game.

ClickFunnels allows you to easily add upsells & downsells with just a click of a button while Lead Pages is still sitting on their butts wondering how’d they do that…

Click Funnels allows you to easily create split tests between two pages and declare a winner without it affecting your funnel. Now, Lead Pages also allows you to create split tests without the “complete funnel” part.


Click Funnels allows you to turn on an affiliate management system that allows you to manage a team of affiliates who are working promoting YOUR products and services.

Lead Pages has NONE of that. At this point, Lead Pages has turned into Blackberry. Da-do-da-do.

Pricing Between Click Funnels and Lead Pages

You can get started with Click Funnels for $97 per month versus Lead Pages $37 per month. If you’re on a budget, it can be very tempting to start at the cheaper price point. Here’s why you shouldn’t cut corners on your internet business.

The Click Funnel Community versus the Lead Pages Community

I am a proud member of the Click Funnels community, and they are sharing and sharing what works. They even have complete sales funnels you can turn on to shortcut the process. When you have a question, you can post in the community & usually have 5 to 10 responses. It’s 24/7.

The Lead Pages Community is like an empty backyard with crickets chirping. It’s non-existent. Sorry, Lead Pages but you let that one key component slip from your business & now, you’re wondering how to implement culture.


Let me ask you a question? Is the community & the features worth the extra $50. You bet it is!


For $297 — you get two things that crush Lead Pages:

Click Funnels Offers BackPack which is YOUR Affiliate Program

Now, you can manage affiliates & have a team marketing on your behalf. You can even set that up on a 2-Tier Affiliate Program which lets your affiliates use the Leveraged Affiliate Marketing Blueprint to build their online business.

Click Funnel Users Reveal Their Testimonials

Here’s what you get when you start with ClickFunnels:

Check Out These Ready to Go Click Funnels Sales Funnels

Do you need a “Product Launch Sales Funnel”?

You can check out the Product Launch Funnel that many online marketers use to get 6 to 7 figures in a short time period. Click here to check out the Product Launch Funnel.

Do you need a Webinar Sales Funnel?

Looking to create a perfect webinar. You can easily turn this webinar funnel on and literally have your webinar up and running within 10 minutes. Click here to check out the Perfect Webinar Funnel.

Do you need a Physical Product Funnel?

Do you sell physical products or books? You can easily customize the product funnel and be taking orders right now within the next 10 minutes. Click here to check out the Physical Product Funnel.

Do you need a Best Selling Book Funnel?

Need a template to become a best selling author. Click here to turn on the Best Selling Book Funnel.

That gives you an idea of how easy & powerful these sales funnels are.

If you have any questions or need any help, leave me a comment. I’ll be happy to customize, program, help you succeed with ClickFunnels.

All the rest are just imitations.

You can take a 14-Day Trial Membership to ClickFunnels. If you go through my link, I get a commission but that doesn't increase your cost. As a bonus, I will help you with any programming / customizing your first funnel at no cost to you.

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If you enjoyed this post about ClickFunnels versus Lead Pages then please share it & like it or leave me a comment. I welcome your thoughts & feedback.

Share and Conquer,

Kit Elliott

7-Figure Funnel Builder

P.S. If you're looking to start a blog or build a tribe, I recommend a simple WordPress theme with a few SEO plugins and shareable Social Media plugins. Then, create a YouTube Channel – start a Facebook Fanpage and start building your list and connecting with your visitors by overloading them with as much value as you can. Simple.

You can take a 14-Day Trial Membership to ClickFunnels. If you go through my link, I get a commission but that doesn't increase your cost. As a bonus, I will help you with any programming / customizing your first funnel at no cost to you.

Click Here for a 14-Day Trial Membership to ClickFunnels

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